How to Repair Corrupted Microsoft Word 2010 Document?

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MS Office has expanded its wing all over the computer system as it has a complete set of office tools and MS Office is one of them used because of its advance featured options to format the texts and customize the documents using various MS Word tools. Generally, it runs without any error but there could be few situations that can lead issue and users may need to take help from Microsoft office 2010 tech support.

Here Microsoft office 2010 support are provided for the issues like Product Key activation, Registration issues, MS Word Function not working, Freezing problem, Setup Support, Update & Upgrade, etc. The entire issues are settled here via online mode with the help of Remote Access Application. The Microsoft office 2010 help is available in US and Canada with 24x7 support services.

Repair Corrupted Microsoft Word 2010 Document

If MS Word fails to automatically run then users can go with the methods to get the issue fixed manually. Here are the methods with its steps and it should be followed accordingly.

Method 1: Open and Repair Manually

  • Users are needed to open “Word” tab and click on the File menu
  • After this hit over Open folder option to select the damaged file
  • The next step will be to highlight the file and then click on the arrow sign found next to Open button
  • At last, need to select “Open and Repair” option from the drop-down list of options

Method 2: Change Document Format & Save to Word Later

If the above method is not successful then users can go with the following steps:

  • Firstly, need to start the application and open the File menu
  • Then the next step will be to click on Open and select the damaged Word file and Open it
  • After this users may required to save the document in another file format
  • At last, save the document back to the Word file as it was previously

Method 3: Change the Template of the Document

  • Initially, open the document in Word format
  • And then click on the File menu and then hit on Options
  • Click on Add-ins and move to View and Manage Office Add-ins to open Templates option
  • The templates that are in use will get listed in the Document template box
  • Then change the document template by opening the corrupt Word file in Word itself.
  • And at last the next step is to verify the modified template is working properly and Word document functions appropriately.

By implementing the above methods and facing the same issue then the users are needed to dial Microsoft office tech support number to get in touch with the expert technicians that are well qualified and certified in tech support. So, feel free to contact Microsoft office 2010 technical support for any MS office 2010 software problem.

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