How to Fix Microsoft Office 2016 Not Working On Windows 10?

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Microsoft Office has become one of the widely used and valuable tools for the customers because it includes various features which make the task easier and it is also used in making presentation in the effective manner. If any issues faced the technicians are available in US and Canada regions to deal with user’s problem so just get in touch with them immediately.

Some of the technical problems that are common with any applications are like Installation, Update and Upgrade, Download and Setup, Uninstallation and Reinstallation etc. Sometimes the customer face the issue as Microsoft Office 365 not working on windows 10 and this issue can be fixed at just a single click. The technicians involved here are world class and they are experienced in handling the not working problems. They fix any type of issue with the help of online method by taking the system on remote.

The easiest way to reach the best technical support service provider is by making a call at their toll free number which is available 24×7 all over the 365 days. They offer services without any stop under the supervision of certified, experienced technicians and professionals. Some of the fix MS Office 2016 issue and their steps have been mentioned below for the error as Office 2016 not working on windows 10.

MS Office 2016 Not Working On Windows 10

Steps to Fix Microsoft Office 2016 Not Working On Windows 10

Issue 1: Crashing on MS Office Windows 10

  • The first step will be to right-click start “Menu” and then need to choose the “Control Panel” option
  • Now, from the Programs tab the users need to select Uninstall a program.
  • After this, choose the Microsoft Office which you want to repair and select it
  • Then a dialogue box will be opened as for asking “How would you like to repair your Office Programs” then the customer may choose Online Repair.

Issue 2: Lost MS Office after upgrading to Windows 10

  • Firstly, click on the “Start” menu and type the application name like Excel or Word.
  • Then the search result will be shown automatically.
  • Now, click the particular program to open.
  • After this, needed to hit the Windows icon and then move to “All apps” option. 
  • Now, select the name of the application looking for.

Issue 3: Problem with open or save a file

This problem can be fixed with the given steps:

  • Make a click on “Start” menu and hit the Command Prompt (Admin)
  • After this type the command cd%userprofile% and click on enter button
  • Again type cd folder_name and press Enter key.
  • After that type icacls %userprofile%\ folder_name /inheritance:e 

Issue 4: MS Office not working on Windows 10

  • Firstly, open the MS Excel application
  • Then need to click on the “File” tab and then move to “Options” tab.
  • Now, click Add-ins from the Excel Options windows.
  • Go to Manage drop-down menu, and there select Add-Ins and click on Go.
  • Now, uncheck the add-ins and the status thereafter.

Call Office Support Number 1-888-494-1155 to Fix MS Office 2016 Not Working on Windows 10

By doing so, the customers will be able to fix the Microsoft Office 2016 not working on windows 10 error and if the same problems seen or faced then they may have to contact with Microsoft Office 2016 support technicians who can solve the entire issue with the 100% customer satisfaction and accuracy with the right solutions.

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