How to Fix Internet Connection Problem in Skype?

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Skype is a tool of Microsoft and with features to chat through message or do the video call with an uninterrupted communication. It is also easily compatible with the devices running on windows PC, Mac and Android. The users are required to download and setup with the entire needed steps. If Skype users are facing any issue then they are invited to contact with world’s best Skype technical support.

Some of the issues which can create issues are as Installation Issues, Password Change errors, Reset and recover problem, Conference call related concern etc. All these concern are fixed here by customer support team.

Fix Internet Connection Problem in Skype

Skype connectivity problem can be generated with multiple reasons which prohibit the calling and video calling to initiate or defend. So, here are some of the reasons creating error and prevents Skype features.

Problems incurred with Skype:

Check Internet Connectivity Speed

Skype may have a proper speed of 100kbps for normal calls or to upload and download files and 1.2Mbps for an HD video call. Internet connection speed can be checked from the following steps:

  • Firstly, make a call to someone
  • Then click on “Check Settings” button.
  • And then press over “Test Now” option.
  • If connection is not fast enough, it will suggest closing other Internet applications or pausing downloads or uploads.

Update Skype

Steps to be followed to upgrade Skype in Windows 8:

  • First of all, users are needed to open the Home screen.
  • Then press on “Store” option and select the “Updates” column.
  • And check for new Skype version availability, it will also appear in the Updates.
  • Then click on tile and follow the hints shown on screen to complete installation.

Confirm the Skype Credit

If you are facing any issue with Skype you can also verify with the following steps:

  • To check credit, visit to select “Account” from the Skype menu.
  • Then need to verify the number and location of the number.
  • At last, check with the exceeded for monthly calling cap.

Check the Status of Skype services

Sometimes problem may also incurred with the Skype itself, so users may also need to check with the status of its services, users can update it to fix.

If any other issues found apart from this then the users can dial the Microsoft Office support phone number to get connected with Skype customer support. Here the entire issues are resolved by the world class technicians certified in Skype Help at just minimum service charge. So, feel free to get in touch at just a single call.

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